Simple, Secure, and Trusted Fraud Prevention Solutions.

Identifid provides a universal fraud prevention solution

Most of the fraud prevention solutions available and in use today don’t fully resolve the true issue at hand. They focus on ID documents, badges, or “big data”, which can be easily hacked and manipulated.

Fraudsters are getting smarter and adapting quicker, and companies are fighting to keep up. Because of this, we see the same malicious fraudulent activity, over and over again, in almost every single industry. To add to the problem and to the confusion, different industries have given this singular crime an assortment of different names, and therefore have been treating it as many separate issues with inconsistent and differing solutions.

Identifid The Best Solution

Since 2004, Identifid has been a constant champion for the adoption of a true fraud prevention solution and a universal ID confirmation service, partnering with financial industry leaders, US Congressmen, Governors, and technology executives.

Identifid provides a universal fraud prevention solution, giving businesses and consumers across all industries and markets the confidence to conduct transactions safely and securely.

Why Identifid?

Identifid Benefits

Confidence & Security

First and foremost, we exist to protect not only your business and its assets, but your consumers and their privacy. We give our customers the confidence of a universal fraud prevention service without requiring them to share any of their customer data.

Trusted fraud prevention without the risk of data breach.

Identifid Benefits


We know that reducing fraud can be a complicated task. That’s why we’ve focused on simplicity. Our customers do not need to learn, integrate, store, or protect biometric data.

For the cashiers or tellers, back office, and consumers we’ve created a simple, plug and play solution that can be easily used right away.

Identifid Benefits


Not only is the act of signing for transactions a natural deterrent for fraudsters, but now we are holding those fraudsters truly accountable for their actions. Using biometrics, our solution links the individual to the transaction, not the ID they are presenting. And we know this is effective – where Identifid has been used, fraud has seen a 72% reduction rate.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Leverage your existing systems and processes with our seamless integration

Gain Trust
Gain Consumer Trust

Gain consumer trust with our touchless, privacy-guaranteed solution

latest Technology
Latest Technology

Capture a more accurate biometric signature with our 3D depth cameras

More Returns
More Returns, Less Fraud

Eliminate the risk of data breaches with our patented, biometric encryption process

Fraud Dropped 75% with Identifid
Case Study

Reduction in Fraudulent Transactions

In just the first two months using the Identifid solution, a Western Union franchise saw a significant drop in the incidence of fraud.

The types of fraud prevented covered a wide range, including Internet purchases, online relationships, emergency funds, pre-payments, and many others.

Start Proactively Preventing Fraud

Discuss how Identifid solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to upgrade your security and identity authentication process.

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