Identifid Face Recognition

Linking the individual to the transaction

Not the ID they’re presenting.

The easy, powerful solution that stops fraud in its tracks.

The incidence of fraud continues to grow, placing money, identities, and company reputations at risk. Identifid provides a simple, effective solution to stop fraud at the time of any transaction— tying the individual (not their ID) to the transaction. This unique approach empowers businesses and government agencies to dramatically reduce fraud without sacrificing the customer experience.

Once the Identifid solution is ready to go, cashiers, tellers, and other service representatives will find it fast and simple to use at the time of the transaction. And legitimate customers will appreciate the touchless approach that quickly distinguishes them from fraudsters.

Solution that stops fraud

Here's how it works:

Customer At Cashier


Your cashier, teller, or other service representative clicks to activate the camera.

Identifid Camera Snaps Photo


The camera snaps a photo of the consumer.



Identifid creates and encrypts the consumer’s biometric signature in seconds.

Identifid Links Biometrics


Identifid links the biometric signature to the transaction with a unique code.

Transaction is Flagged


If the transaction is later found fraudulent, the business notifies Identifid and our solution flags the biometric signature.

Transaction in fraud list


If the same consumer attempts a future transaction at an Identifid-protected location, Identifid flags it and locks out the fraudster.

Identifid Device Views

The Enabling Technology Behind Identifid

Identifid uses a biometrics-as-a-service approach: combining the latest biometric and vision processing technologies with patented processes to transform fraud prevention.

Our 3D biometric cameras are secure, encrypted IoT devices capable of processing thousands of geometric data points to create and encrypt a consumer’s biometric signature in seconds.

These cameras don’t store photos or other data. In fact, Identifid doesn’t store transactional data on its platform, and the Identifid client doesn’t store biometric data or fraudulent reports on its database—eliminating concerns about data breaches and consumer privacy and any related liabilities.

Why Identifid?


Using a patented encryption process to eliminate data breach risks


Employing advanced technology to create precise biometric signatures


Ensuring a positive customer experience that engenders trust


Making it fast and easy for your staff to set up and use


Integrating easily with your existing systems and processes


Proven to reduce fraud by as much as 75 percent

Start Proactively Preventing Fraud

Discuss how Identifid solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to upgrade your security and identity authentication process.

Fraud Dropped 75% with Identifid
Case Study

Reduction in Fraudulent Transactions

In just the first two months using the Identifid solution, a Western Union franchise saw a significant drop in the incidence of fraud.

The types of fraud prevented covered a wide range, including Internet purchases, online relationships, emergency funds, pre-payments, and many others.

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